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Tuesday June 7th 2016



General Information Statement for Public Distribution

To the General Public.


We hereby inform you that the Cathedral Group has received a series of threats against several members of the Cathedral Group of Companies, its Directives and The Cathedral Investment Bank Itself.

On the last few days an individual has approached several Cathedral Investment Bank’s Executives in Latin America Threatening to act violently against our directors in the region as well as to execute “controlled media releases” including “Online and Social Media Attacks” targeted to the Cathedral Group of Companies in order to obtain a series of wire transfers that are not under the Cathedral Investment Bank control.

The person threatening assured our executives that he is in full control of local Media in Mexico including Newspapers and TV Networks which will act accordingly to his instructions.

Cathedral firmly believes in the integrity of Latin American Media Institutions as a whole, we have a long history of delivering services to the public and other financial institutions.

Libel and Slander are highly punishable by applicable law and violent threats against financial institutions are very seriously considered, we are currently reviewing these threats from a legal standpoint and will act accordingly.

We are glad to serve you if you require any further information on such events please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Gustave Fendim

 Media and Comunication Outreach Director



Please see the official Press Release here:



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