Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Cathedral Investment Bank and its International Derivatives CIBder unit have developed the most advanced platform and global dynamics, allowing you to perform real-time analysis of evolutionary Market processes.

It is a visual, intuitive, and easy to understand and operate system that will allow the operator to perform advanced operations of buying, selling, hedging, and basic technical analysis. Furthermore, it has the ability to manage a portfolio of over 100 technical-mathematic indicators; a unique risk management system with flexibility to complete financial operations "over the chart".

Likewise, tech graphing allows you to observe the financial instruments in traditional lines and the different types of candles such as "Japanese", "Renko", "Heikin-ashi", "shallow" and others.

Trader CIBDer incorporates one of the most powerful technical analysis tools on the technical-mathematical market. Over 100 financial theories that until recently used to be manually calculated to determine price trends, are now automatically processed by the system using a combination of advanced mathematical algorithms.

The operator need not re-use manual calculation tools to determine the market trend or the overview of each theory. The results of the mathematical calculations are also presented in the same graph and may be amended according to the "timeframe" in which it is analyzed; thus making its interpretation easy and efficient for everyone.



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