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Cathedral Investment Banking is a financial model that can help you fund projects greater than $ 50,000,000.00 USD in your region, through a direct investment process by mutual funds and other specialized tools.

Cathedral Investment Bank high-volume financing services (NRVFS, Volume Non Retail Financial Services) are one of a kind in international offshore banking.

Cathedral Investment Bank finances various projects that have a capitalization requirement in venture capital ("equity") or debt higher than $ 50,000,000.00 USD in any production and service industry. This capital comes from foreign investment funds managed by trusts and/or investment companies for each specific industry.

Please note that the bank does not finance projects below this level, as the evaluation process, management, and funding implementation in relation to the applied volume is very costly for Cathedral Investment Bank. Therefore, the bank only processes financing in volumes greater than what is mentioned above.

Also, the assessment process for credit rating usually requires of a consultative process to properly organize the documentation, financial statements, and other fundamental aspects, so that risk ratings assessment results in appropriate levels while avoiding setbacks in the availability of funds.

The entire process takes several months from the time the project application is sent till the resources are deposited in your Cathedral account for your use.

In some cases, customers can access risk capital through private placement of shares in order to strengthen their assets and gain reputable financial partners; knowledgeable of key aspects to help in their business development. Moreover, some customers can opt for international debt or equity instruments through the placement of convertible preferred stock. Contact our financial consulting department to assist you on the selection and structuring of these financing alternatives.

Welcome to Cathedral Credit, a global leader in Non Retail financing.


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Cathedral Investment Bank / CIB Americas Bank Inc Is regulated by the Financial Service Unit of the Ministry of Finance on the Commonwealth of Dominica.


Cathedral Investment Bank delivers Investment Banking Services directly to clients requiring capital raising for specific projects presented to the institution, these projects will be prequalified and directly negotiated with those clients according to internal procedures established by the Investment Banking Unit. Cathedral Investment Banks does NOT have external Intermediaries or Agents delivering introductory services to Cathedral. All services that would be paid to Cathedral Investment Bank will be invoiced directly to the final client. On specific jurisdictions it could be against applicable law to falsely represent a foreign Investment Institution without being qualified or authorized by it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you suspect any anomalies regarding these services at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we would gladly clarify any doubts or questions.

The information contained on this website should not be interpreted as an offer of products and / or financial services (soliciting). The figures and displayed information in this document is only for informational purposes, Cathedral Investment Bank performs a major effort to keep the data here expressed correctly, updated and faithful, and however these may contain errors in its calculation, sampling and result. For more information read the terms and website conditions.

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